Volodymyr Fesenko

January 416 1 Will war in the east end, and will there be a third Maidan in 2015
February 370 2 The two "red lines" for Putin
March 169 5 The default - is not bankrupt or default - it's just a suspension of payments on debts
April 328 1 Igor Kolomoisky lost - or just preparing to fight
May 241 5 Bonuses from Firtash testimony gets his long-time opponent of Yulia Tymoshenko
June 290 1 Ukraine will be forced to make concessions to Minsk talks
July 244 1 Shokin, Poroshenko and a new scandal in the prosecution
August 132 5 In America, the President does not become clowns!
September 156 1 Bloody hell. Three scenarios for Ukraine
October 297 3 What you need to know about the results of elections in Ukraine
November 192 3 Military aid from the United States - is the Russian aggression deterrent
December 152 2 Despite the cowboy manners Putin very clearly that he is wary of the deterioration of relations with Turkey