Vyacheslav Kovtun

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February 32 47 To the words Zakharchenko attitude for a long with humor and irony
March 27 45 You the day before yesterday there was a terrible tragedy, but somehow word about it.
April 36 36 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yub_oHu7MZg
May 92 28 The process of implementation of the Minsk agreements will be extended in time
June 9 67 That allowed Honduras, not allowed by Ukraine- visa-free regime
July 10 66 Ukraine in chocolate.
August 19 62 Speak about an equivalent dialogue between Obama and Putin doesn't make much sense
September 16 67 They want to devour Moldova
October 21 73 Plan of Morel — "plan B" forces in Russia
November 18 75 "The personality of such magnitude as Soloviev, I don't see" in Ukraine
December 38 51 Special operation in Kiev. As evidenced by the capture of "saboteurs"