In a year Coalition Agreement has been satisfied in 20-30% - the results of the expert survey

On Friday, November 27, the press center of the news agency "UNIAN" held a press conference "The results of the year of the Parliament", which was attended by Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy Ruslan Bortnik, expert UIAMP Anna Svidchenko, political scientist, Z&B Global Alexey Yakubin, the head of the center «Third sector», Andrey Zolotarev. At the press conference it was presented and analyzed the results of an expert survey on the topic «The year of work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation», which was attended by 25 leading Ukrainian experts and political scientists (list attached). The study was conducted by the Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy from 09/11/15 till 11/20/15 written by remote interviewing. The survey results have outlined the main causes of the parliamentary crisis, revealed interesting trends about the motives of the main figures of the current parliament and its impact, assessed the work and all the structural elements of the Parliament over the past year, as well as the effectiveness of the reforms. As the expert Anna Svidchenko said, according to 58% of the surveyed experts, the efficiency of the Verkhovna Rada should be assessed by the number of adopted legal acts. However, almost 42% expressed their own opinion on the matter and added these options: legislative provision of the necessary reforms and the quality of legal acts. It should be noted that for the experts the main indicator was not only laws adopted by Parliament but their implementation. Thus Parliament improperly realize its control function As a result, UIAMP experts presented the main results of the survey: outline the main results of a year of work of Verkhovna Rada; identify regularities concerning to the interests of the major figures of the current parliament and its impact on the work of the legislature; demonstrated the effectiveness of work of the all structural elements of the Parliament and its components; outlined the results of the reforms. As an expert Anna Svidchenko noted, the vast majority of experts evaluated unsatisfactorily (1-2 ball) the work of the Coalition «European Ukraine» (63.6% of the experts surveyed), opposition (77.3%), the Conciliation Council (68.2%), the Council of coalition (63.7%), the Interfactional deputy associations (66.6%). But the leader of the anti-rating became temporary special and investigative commissions (95.2 %). At the same time, experts-respondents noted a more effective and positive work (3-5 balls) of the President of the Parliament (57.1%), committees (61%) fractions (57.1%), the Head of the Parliament (66, 7%). The particular interest represents the process of execution of the coalition agreement, as noted by the head of the expert survey by UIAMP Anna Svidchenko, according to 80% of the experts – respondents, members of the «European Ukraine» fulfilled the coalition agreement only in 20-30%. 10% of respondents believed that they`ve made it only in 10%. It is noteworthy that no expert voted for 60-100%. «If we talk about the implementation of reforms, the situation is even more deplorable, - sums up the expert Anna Svidchenko. - The level of implementation of political and legal reforms, the majority of experts (57.2%) estimate in the range of 0-10% -practically a complete failure». Economic reforms were evaluated in the same way: 57.1% of the experts agreed that the process of reform of this sector amounted only 10% of the required. 42.9% of respondents assessed the economic reforms in the range of 20 to 40% - unsatisfactorily. According to 47.6% of the experts, expectations of the civil society about the work of the Verkhovna Rada were satisfied by only 10%, at 23.8% of respondents believe that the Parliament satisfied the expectations of the public by 0 and 20%, respectively.

What about the predictions about the implementation of the Constitutional reform, experts UIAMP noted that 59% of the experts surveyed believe that Constitutional reform will not have been realized before the end of 2015. Another 27% believe that the vote will be postponed again. None of the respondents expressed the view that changes to the Constitution would have been adopted before the end of 2015.

Almost unanimously the palm of superiority in establishing of the impact of the work of Parliament to experts, respondents gave BPP (90%). Discredited itself as the largest-party Lyashko (70%) and the National Front (55%). However, significant is the fact that, in spite of the decisive influence BPP, according to experts opinion, this political party is the third fraction in the rating of the discredit- 35%

The expert Anna Svidchenko reported that according to the experts surveyed, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had the greatest impact on the work of Parliament. The level of its impact had been estimated at 81%. However, the results showed that not only his party had the control above the Verkhovna Rada: behind him were financial and industrial groups - 66.7% and the United States - 57.1%. The most influential deputies were declared Yulia Tymoshenko and Igor Kononenko (by 61.1%), followed by Vladimir Groisman had a result of 55.6%

If we talk about expert`s opinion, about possible improvement of the work of the Parliament, so 50% of respondents believe that this can be achieved through the expansion of committee control over the implementation of adopted legal acts and to ensure greater transparency in the work of Parliament.

The head of the center of the «Third sector», Anndrey Zolotarev added: "The Ukrainian parliament is now devoid of subjectivity, it is not respected and it is not considered. And the Prime-minister of a coalition government Yatsenyuk, instead of «Ukrainian Moses turned into Susanin». In Parliament, the conditions are ripe for re-election.

In his turn, the political scientist, Z&B Global Alexey Yakubin emphasized that the Parliament in a year of its work did not become a key decision-making center. "The main problem of the Verkhovna Rada is that major decisions are not made by Parliament," - shared the expert. At the same time the political scientist gave a precise definition of the role of the Ukrainian parliament in the legislative process in Ukraine: "Today, the parliament - is a smokescreen to legitimize certain decisions." Summing up the debate director of UIAMP Ruslan Bortnik said: «Parliament - formally a key body in the system of public administration at enshrined in the Constitution of Ukraine a parliamentary-presidential republic. The parliament forms the government, determines government policy. But, unfortunately, the Supreme Council of the VIII convocation has lost the role of a key Authority is now up and running efficiently. The crisis in the parliament, he, in turn, is extrapolated to other processes in the state and society: political and social, which is why there are certain issues and challenges regarding the continued functioning of the parliament and the possibility of early elections»

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