Yevgeny Kiselyov

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January 38 29 What year sent
February 114 15 International obligeto Ukraine
March 132 11 Russia brandishes a nuclear club
April 240 8 Thank you Putin for Ukraine's way to NATO
May 189 12 Black special propaganda war
June 62 17 Forgotten Heroes of Ukraine
July 102 24 About Tabakov: we bring our attitude to the character to the actor, and then we are surprised that the people in his life he is shallow and unscrupulous
August 28 48 The statehood rolls
September 18 63 The European left worse than the Russian Bolsheviks
October 64 38 Under the ninety. What has Putin to do with his rating
November 49 34 The post-Soviet countries are not grown enough to even equal suffrage
December 125 6 Putin repeats the errors of the Russian Tsars