Elaboration and promotion legislative acts and governmental decisions

UIMP-team has 20-years-old experience with elaborating and maintenance of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine  draft laws, resolutions, declarations, applications and other legal acts. During this time more than 453  bills have been elaborated by our institute, and at least 58 of them have been adopted and approved.
Each bill is aimed to solve specific social problems, to capture certain subjects or to improve the total image of a public figure.

UIAMP can prepare, register in Parliament and promote using mass media 1-3 bills per month, 15-30 per year, thus solving the problem of legislative work of any deputy or public leader.
In addition, our team have wide experience in developing and promoting a variety of executive decision and other legislative acts (decisions of Ministries and departments).

Contact: +38 093 757 75 65

Разработано более 453 законопроектов


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